Initial Appointment - £40.00

Our initial appointment is required for all new patients or patients who have not been to the clinic within the last 6 months

During the appointment we will carry out a thorough assessment of feet and ankles, medical history and issues addressed: Nail Care, Hard Skin, Cracked Heels, Fungal Infections, Skin Issues and other issues with the feet.

Standard appointment - £35.00

Follow up appointment for anyone who has visited within the past 6 months.

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Laser Pain Clinic - £45.00

Laser Therapy can help you to quickly overcome severe pain, swelling and inflammation with long-lasting results, finding a better quality of life and getting back to the normal activities of everyday life. Here at Footmonkey Podiatry and Rehab we offer the latest in laser therapy treatments.

First appointment for Laser Therapy. We can deal with a range of conditions such as pain from arthritis, muscle injuries, sprains & strains, tendinitis, sciatica, plantar fasciitis and more. This will take from 2-15 treatments to resolve. For example to be pain free from Plantar fasciitis usually take 4-6 appointments.

5 Course Treatment - £200.00

Series of 5 treatments to save you money, perfect for plantar fasciitis.

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Biomechanics - £45.00

Often it is referred to as Sports Podiatry or to some MSK either way it’s the same thing. It is the diagnosis and treatment of many disorders that affect the bones or the joints and soft tissue like muscles, tendons or ligaments.

A thorough assessment gait (the way we walk), muscle strength and flexibility and pressure distribution to assess why you have pain and what the cause is. An in-depth treatment plan is created for you as we get you going again. Review cost is the same as standard podiatry treatment.

Prescription orthotics to suit diagnosis from Sidas and Formthotics start from £45.


Verruca/Toenail - £30.00

Appointment for just painful Ingrown Toenail or Verruca if you have no other issues. We will treat the area and create a care plan.

If you need or are considering Nail Surgery we can assess and discuss your options at this appointment.

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